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Everest (8,848mt) Nepal.

The highest mountain on earth at 8,848mt (29,029ft), Everest is located in the Himalayas, at the border between Nepal and Tibet. Called Sagamartha in Nepalese ("the Head in the Great Blue Sky") and Chomolungma in Tibetan ('Holy Mother'), tt was first summited in 1953.

The most memorable quotes about climbing Everest:
"I climbed Everest so that my children wouldn't have to." - Jamling Norgay
"Strong motivation is the most important factor in getting you to the top." - Edmund Hillary
"Because it is there." - George Mallory, answering to the question: 'Why do you want to climb Mt. Everest?'"

The Climb

It will be to gorgeous Nepal, and specifically to the imposing grandeur of the Himalayas. We will head to Everest Base Camp, one of the most scenic and impressive trek in the world. Crossing the stunning Himalayan valleys, the trek exposes the trekkers to the most breathtaking mountain scenery anyone can imagine: several 8,000mt/28,000ft mountains... MORE

Supported Organization: Nepal Youth Foundation

The Nepal Youth Foundation provides children in Nepal with education, housing, medical care and support. The Nepal Youth Foundation offers hope and opportunity to Nepal's most impoverished children by providing them what is every child's birthright: vital healthcare, education and a safe environment.

Summit Stories will support NYF in building a New Life Center: a home and education center home for children who are living with HIV/AIDS and are neglected by their families and by their community.

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